Q: Why do I have to pay upfront?

You pay upfront for the mix because we will work on your mix until you are satisfied.  However, please note that we will not begin working on your mix until payment is made.  Once your payment is received, we will work until you are satisfied with your mix!  All changes to make your mix right are inclusive, with the exception of adding services that were not part of the original mix. 

Q: Will I be able to approve the mix prior to final delivery?

Yes! Once your mix is complete, we will directly email you your mix.  You will then have 48 hours to review and submit any alterations/changes you would like! These changes are included in the price of your mix.  However, adding features that are not included in your mix after the fact will result in extra charges.)

Q: What if I do not like my mix?

If you don't love your mix after your revisions, or are dissatisfied with your mix, we will revise and work to get the mix to your approval.  If no resolution can be made, we will issue a partial (50%) refund.  (The partial refund is due to the amount of work that is put into the mixes and changes performed.)

Q: What is done with my information?

Your security and privacy is our #1 concern.  We will never share, sell or give your information to any site, third party or person.  We will only access/collect information that you have voluntarily given in regards to the editing process.  We will only use your information to respond to you, regarding your inquiry to us. 

Q: I have multiple songs to put together, is that possible?

Yes! And more inexpensive than ever before! In most cases, you can get a mix comprised of your songs, with sound effects (if so desired) to create the perfect track for less than $60!  Call or email us your details, and we will provide you with a free quote! 

Q: What if I don't know how I want my song(s) mixed/edited?

No worries. We can help you with concepts, advise you on cuts and additions, and even add in sound effects to ensure your mix is amazing!

FAQ's con't


Q: Is it possible to remove bad words?

Yes! This included as a part of any mix purchased. 

Q: How long until I get my mix?

There is a standard turn around of 2 Business Days.  However, for an additional fee, Urgent Mixes (24 Hours) can be done as well. See Rates tab for more information.

Q: What sound effects are available?

There is an unimaginable amount of sound effects and voiceovers available for your mix! Basic sound effects are included in ANY mix purchased, however more complex effects and voiceovers are available for purchase.) 

Q: What is Free Mix Friday?

Every 3rd Friday of the month,  a new free mix will be available to download! Keeping you ready for the commute, workout or upcoming weekend! Dance on! #freemixfriday

Q: How do I upload my music?

 You must provide your own purchased music for each edit.  You can send us your music by clicking HERE.  You can also send your song(s), vocals, etc. to us in a separate email attachment to MixedKarmaProductions@gmail.com

Q: What programs do you use for editing music and video?

We use many programs including: Ableton Live, Cubase, Audacity, Garage Band, and Final Cut.  We like options!