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Music/Video Editing Services

Quick Edits


Need to cut that 5 minute song in half? One or two cuts and a fade?  Quick Edits require a minimal amount of editing and therefore we believe they shouldn't cost a fortune! They include fades, tempo changes, and removal of foul language. 

Simple Edits


These Simple Edits are designed to suit those who need a bit more editing. Such as blending two songs together into one, multiple cuts, adding sounds or effects, or big finishes.  Ideal for first dances at weddings, dance team routines, show choirs, dance recitals, etc. These edits include basic sound effects, fades, pitch/tempo adjustments, removal of foul language, and more.

Complex Edits


More for the specific musical vision such as, musical theatre/show choir, dance competition or cheer mixes with multiple accents, effects or added beats for a unique experience.  Complex Edits have multiple cuts (3+ songs), may compile more than one song, reconstruct songs, add drums and/or other instruments, and also include sound effects, fades, voice effects/additions, theme guidance, removal of foul language, changes in pitch/tempo, and more!

Quick Video Edits


Have footage that you would like to make into a short reel?  Need to make an audition video for college? Quick Video Edits make your recital/competition or audition videos into a short promotional video/reel. Ideal for your personal/professional portfolio. 

(You must purchase, own or have permission to use the video/content for your reel in order for us to edit.)

Custom Edits


Have an idea or specific vision or theme that requires a blueprint? We can help make your mix as unique as your vision is to create an amazing experience for all!  Call or email us for more details!

Fix My Mix


Already have a botched mix?  Love it but need it repaired because of bad cuts, length, random silences, poor quality, or want to revive it, or have a better ending?  Send it to us, and we can work with you to fix those mixes too!