just enough, for less.


Why overpay for something simple?

Need to cut that 5 minute song in half? One or two cuts and a fade?  Quick Edits require a minimal amount of editing and therefore we believe they shouldn't cost a fortune! They include big endings or fade outs, tempo changes, and removal of foul language. Quick Edits are designed for mixes that only require basic editing.  For example, shortening or lengthening songs, changes in tempo, censoring foul language, or just connecting two songs together.  No bells or whistles, just a quick cut. 

What does it cost?

Quick Edits are $25. This is a flat fee because of the minimal amount editing done.  No additions*.  

Please note that we will not begin working on your mix until payment is made. Once your payment is received, we will work until you are satisfied with your mix!  All changes to make mix right are inclusive, with the exception of adding services that were not part of the original mix.  

*If you want your mix to have sound effects, more than one song cut or more in general, we suggest emailing us your ideas so that we can quote you with a Simple Edit, Complex Edit, or Custom Edit based on your needs. We want to make sure you're not overpaying and still receiving the professional music edits that you need to succeed!  Making it just enough, for less!

Multiple Mix Discounts

Discounts available for multiple mixes! Email us for more information!

Quick Edit Samples

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Original Song (no edits)

Superheroes - Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Quick Edit Request

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Quick Edit Example

Cut 1:  0:00 - 0:45
Cut 2:  pick up at 1:45 - 2:15
Cut 3:  pick up at 3:48 - end.
*I like the ending, but need a bigger finish...  OR - I'd like the ending to fade out.  
*Song can't be longer than 3:00

Remember, this is just an example. Anything is possible! Nothing is too big or small to make your mix perfect!

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*You must purchase or own the music that you upload.