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Melvin Sanchez, Gymnast, USA Pole Dance

Adelle has cut several music both for myself and my gymnasts routines. Most recently she cut the music for my routine that earned a Gold Medal at the United States Polesports Federation National Championships! I recommend her service is 100%!   Melvin's latest performance (with his mix) is available here! (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3hSCbvAOI-w&sns=fb)

Dhol Tuason, Sayaw Dance

 Adelle has edited music for my cultural dance group, Sayaw! Diversity and the editing were very clean considering that she is not familiar with Philippine music.  She delivered it promptly and the music sounded professionally done.  Adelle also has an advantage as she is a dancer,  choreographer and has been in the performing arts which gives her an edge and skills that she can recommend based on her professional experience. I give her an A plus and more power to her new adventure.

Caryn Gibson, Bulldogs Cheer Coach

What a fun and easy experience it was working with Adelle.  She was very helpful and patient working with us mixing our music for our association cheer team.  We were able to pick all the music we wanted to use, detailed to the exact lyric or beat to make our 8-counts work right and she was with us every step.  Offering her expertise and delivering edits until we got it exactly the way we wanted.  The mix turned out  amazing and our cheerleaders loved it.  My first time having had to find music for our team and Adelle made it all fun and stress free.  A definite yes when choosing where to go for awesome music editing!

Kevin LaMarr Jones, Artistic Director - Clave Unidos

Adelle has been my go-to person for most of my dance and choreographic projects.  She works fast and she works well!  Her technical knowledge paired with her artistic ear have been invaluable to me.

LaWanda Raines, Professional Dancer/Choreographer

Adelle never misses a beat.  You can give her an idea, and she'll get back to you with an anthem!  She is easy to work with, has great communication skills, and is an encyclopedia of knowledge for music.  Any genre, any occasion, Adelle's the best.

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ReDonna Farrar, Dance Mom

When my daughter needed music cut for a Solo, Adelle blew it away. Her experience allowed her to cut multiple parts of a song into 90 seconds.  With her patience, she took the extra time to listen to my daughter, and give her exactly what she wanted. Adelle will live up to your highest expectations and make the process enjoyable. 

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